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Throughout history the rabbit has been seen as a symbol of fortune, longevity and abundance. These qualities are traits we look for in the most successful individuals. To be able to manifest what you dream is a coveted power that only few seem to enjoy. And yet there is no secret to that thing once termed “the secret”. In order to access such power one must relentlessly pursue wisdom. In deciding to ‘chase wisdom’ over all other pursuits you will find the door to greater and greater opportunities perpetually open. This is the true nature of luck. Wisdom is the product of knowledge acquired through experience gained over time. Everyone is created with a special talent, ability, vision or gift - a way of approaching the world that makes you not only unique, but valuable. It is your responsibility to discover what that is and to invest the time necessary to gain that experience. To embody the spirit of the rabbit is to manifest luck but to embody the Clever Rabbit is to manifest abundance and fortune that creates longevity and prosperity in others. If you wish to have great fortune it is these hours that are the sacrifice. Remember, don’t ‘chase rabbits’ or ‘go down rabbit holes’ but always ‘chase wisdom’.